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Everyone benefits from Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls.  Experiencing their nurturing sound awakens an innate, visceral response deep within us, thereby creating relaxation, healing and health that permeate our being.  Crystal Bowls are 98.9{3c5d7bedb8d9424d4863845e562599bee79a2158b23e861254be5a91361680b4} silicon quartz and vibrate our bodies because the human body contains crystal structures in the bones, blood, brain, and DNA.  Human cells [...]


September Brief


What is newsworthy or timely and of interest to our readers? (What is the hook?) The Most-Effective State-of-the–Art Holistic therapies that are the missing link in healing pain, injuries, surgeries and many diseases, as well as, improving performance and movement issues are now available in Carlsbad, CA.   When is the event, business change or [...]

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Revolutionary and Fast Working Back Pain Therapy (Hesch Method) Now Available at LPR and Continuing Education Class Offered


25-30{3c5d7bedb8d9424d4863845e562599bee79a2158b23e861254be5a91361680b4} of back pain sufferers have a component of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SIJD) - a common cause of low back pain.  SIJD makes it hard to sit, stand, walk, and sleep.  It can also cause pain in the back, head, neck, hips, legs, and groin. This condition can be difficult to diagnose since the SI [...]

Revolutionary and Fast Working Back Pain Therapy (Hesch Method) Now Available at LPR and Continuing Education Class Offered2018-03-05T20:58:14+00:00

How to Eliminate Scars and their Hidden Impacts


Despite scars having tremendous hidden impact throughout the body, they and their undesirable impacts can be easily eliminated.  Impacts can include creating pain, tightness, and stiffness in other body parts; disrupting the nervous system function; inhibiting the body’s ability to move well; producing compensations; generating psychological effects; and being visibly undesirable.   Scars affect the [...]

How to Eliminate Scars and their Hidden Impacts2018-03-05T20:58:56+00:00

Plantar Fascitis Permanent Relief


Plantar Fascitis (PF) is when the plantar fascia ligament in the bottom of the feet becomes tight, weak, inflamed, irritated and tender making it painful to walk and stand.  A flat band of tissue (plantar fascia) located in the arch of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes. Normally, plantar fascia acts [...]

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Anybody Can Do Yoga and Meditation


Think you can’t do yoga and meditation? Think again. No matter what your flexibility, stress level, or fitness level, you can do yoga, stretching and meditation at the Lasting Pain Relief Center.  Our highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers provide individual attention and modifications to fit each student’s unique needs in our small group classes or [...]

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PTSD Alternative Solutions That Work


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can disrupt a person’s whole life, including: job, relationships, health, happiness, and enjoyment of everyday activities.  It is triggered by a terrifying event or ordeal in which a person was harmed or threatened.  In New Jersey and New York, we have recently experienced at least two community-wide PTSD causing events: Hurricane [...]

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Understanding Physical & Emotional Pain and How to Relieve It


The most common reason for doctor visits in the U.S. is pain.  It is a symptom in many medical conditions, and can substantially interfere with quality of life, well being and overall function.  Pain is a messenger that warns us of danger, so that we may do something to stop damage and save our lives.  [...]

Understanding Physical & Emotional Pain and How to Relieve It2018-03-05T21:02:09+00:00

Reiki Certified Training Level I & II With Chakra Crystal Bowls


Dr. Oz enthusiastically endorses Reiki.  Here is your chance to learn all about Reiki and Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls.   This class is for people who want to learn the healing and balancing effects of Reiki, whether you want to use it on yourself, your pet, your loved ones, or use it as a professional practitioner [...]

Reiki Certified Training Level I & II With Chakra Crystal Bowls2018-03-05T21:04:11+00:00

New Therapies


*Tuning Fork Healing – Tune up yourself to reach a deep state of relaxation, release congested areas or energy blocks in the body, and create healing and health with tuning forks that emanate pure sounds and overtones. Retune and balance your nervous system, and achieve a “meditative” state that affects bones, the mind, muscle, fascia, the nervous systems and [...]

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