Everyone benefits from Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls.  Experiencing their nurturing sound awakens an innate, visceral response deep within us, thereby creating relaxation, healing and health that permeate our being.  Crystal Bowls are 98.9{3c5d7bedb8d9424d4863845e562599bee79a2158b23e861254be5a91361680b4} silicon quartz and vibrate our bodies because the human body contains crystal structures in the bones, blood, brain, and DNA.  Human cells contain the same silica formula as comprises natural quartz crystal in the bowls, which balances our electro-magnetic energies, Chakras.  As the bowls are played, crystalline cells in our bodies vibrate at the same frequency as the bowls, thereby bringing us into our natural vibrational state, which is where we are optimally healthy, balanced and relaxed.  We naturally vibrate at a frequency of eight cycles per second, which attunes us to earth’s electromagnetic field.

The Bowls are a powerful and therapeutic form of Sound Healing.  Scientific studies have proven that sound changes our autonomic, endocrine, immune and neuropeptide systems.  Each of our cells, atoms, molecules, glands and organs absorb and release sound.  We literally feel the sound waves with our bodies, in addition to hearing them with our ears.

Listening to the bowls in a Meditation is like listening to a live music concert – it could not be easier.  It is unlike other meditations that require effort to mentally focus.  While listening to the Bowls, you simply lie down, or sit and receive the vibrations – there is no trying to do anything.  You do not even need to be consciously aware of the Chakra balancing and healing.  It happens automatically as you receive the numerous sound healing benefits: deep relaxation, rejuvenation, more energy and creativity, mental clarity while automatically quieting the mental chatter, peace of mind, enhanced insight and intuition, emotional release, balance and harmony.  You feel like you have had an inner massage.

The Lasting Pain Relief Center offers the following Sound Healing options:

1.             Chakra Crystal Bowl Group Meditations 2nd, 4th & 5th Wednesdays @ 7:30pm AND Sundays (April 15 & 29) @ 4:30pm;

2.             Private Reiki sessions with Chakra Crystal Bowls and a large Gong;

3.             Chakra Bowl Meditation private sessions by appointment;

4.             Lessons to learn how to play the Bowls by appointment; and

5.             Purchase your own Bowls at less than retail prices.