Health-care professionals cite stress-related illness to be as high as 85% of their patients and is responsible for at least two thirds of all doctor visits.  It is also the leading cause of anxiety, depression, coronary artery diseases, cancer, accidents, and respiratory diseases. In addition, it aggravates hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, herpes, multiple sclerosis, etc.  Stress is a physical, mental, or emotional factor, real or imagined, that causes bodily or mental tension, including anxiety and depression.

Everyone has stress. The only difference is how we react to it and how much of it we have.  Having tools available to eliminate and/or minimize the effects of stress are invaluable for your health to thrive.  Not having these tools leads to anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, irritability, nervousness, headaches, obesity and overeating, and lack of energy. Prolonged stress ultimately results in serious and life-threatening diseases.

People have reactions to stress that either cause their illness or aggravate it. Adrenal glands are the anti-stress glands of the body—the reserve that the body activates when it is confronted with stressful situations. Your resiliency, constitution, energy level, endurance and your life all depend on your adrenal glands working properly. Your adrenal glands respond to all types of stress in the same way, irregardless of the stressful source. Adrenal fatigue which has become common in our society, occurs when the quantity of stress overextends the body’s capacity to compensate and recover from that specific stress, or the combination of  stresses. Once this capacity to cope and recover is exceeded, some form of adrenal fatigue occurs. The number of stresses, whether or not you recognize them as stresses, the intensity of each stress and the frequency with which it occurs, plus the length of time it is present, all combine to form your total stress load.

Many types of stress lead to additional stress, anxiety, and depression – a veritable catch 22. The four major categories of stress include:

  1. Physical stress—such as overwork, excessive computer and video game usage, lack of sleep, disease and illness, toothache, a cold, menopause, athletic over-training, etc.
  2. Chemical stress—such as environmental pollutants; diets high in refined carbohydrates, protein, hormones, antibiotics, and other toxins; allergies to foods; and endocrine gland imbalances (due to the interaction of all of the endocrine glands)
  3. Thermal stress—the body over-heating or over-chilling
  4. Emotional and mental stress—If you think you do not have any stress in this area – think again. This type of stress can be just about anything from the worst stress (cataclysmic events such as the death of a loved one, an automobile accident, and a serious disease and illness) to the less obvious stresses (confrontations with a loved one, workplace and financial pressure, and an unhappy relationship). When the smaller stresses occur simultaneously, accumulate or become chronic, and the adrenals have no opportunity to completely recover, adrenal fatigue happens.

The Lasting Pain Relief Center offers the following proven Stress Relieving and Resetting tools:

  • Myofascial Release (MFR) – a state-of-the-art therapy, releases tightness and pain in and around the body part that needs or has had surgery. It also increases flexibility and range of motion. Treatments and home activity programs are available. Release trauma that is trapped in the body tissues.
  • Reiki – a highly-effective therapy that enhances the healing process by creating a relaxation response, moving stuck energy and toxins, and reducing anxiety, pain, nausea and fatigue. The immune system is also boosted and increases wellbeing. Reiki is such an effective tool that Dr. Oz endorses it and uses it in his practice.
  • VOILA – an innovative way of helping the mind/body heal itself by restoring its natural state of Harmony and functions! It taps into your body’s ability to heal, be well, and perform at it’s best. It is the master switch to create strength, health, power, ease, andefficiency of every movement, in everyday life and in sports.
  • Hypnosis – helps tremendously to calm the mind and the body so it can heal faster and better and maintain overall being. It helps tremendously to overcome pain and tightness in the body and mind.
  • CranioSacral Therapy (CST) – a highly-effective therapy that enhances the healing process by opening and releasing the tight central nervous system (which is where the trauma is affecting), as well as reduces inflammation, and opens up the body tissues to better function and feel better. It is a gentle method of detection and correction that encourages your own natural healing mechanisms.
  • Beyond Pain Management – delivers a life beyond pain that is more effective than pain management! This program and sessions make dramatic changes.
  • Life Coaching – you get to Breakthrough and reset in Health, Career, Relationships, and Personal or Spiritual Development. Easily Stop: Anxiety & Panic, Depression, Stress, PTSD, Addictions – Smoking, Alcohol, Drug & Gambling, Fears & Phobias, False Belief and Limiting Beliefs, Sadness, Loss & Separation, Anger, Pain, Insomnia, Toxic Mind & Thoughts, Feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed, Sabotaging Habits & Thoughts, and Obstacles that keep you from being you. Simply Start Transformations to: Lose Weight, Feel Self , Confidence, Become More Successful, Public Speaking, Improve Learning & Test Scores, Relaxation & Peace, Joy & Play, Fitness, Healthy Habits & Lifestyle, Sports Performance, Financial Wealth Building, Mind Makeover, and Abundant Health & Wellness.
  • Health Coaching – gives you a deeper understanding of how food and lifestyle choices affect your health, energy and mood. Information alone is insufficient to change. Our health and wellnesscoaches provide you with the tools, ongoing support and guidance as you make sustainable changes that improve your health and life.
  • A Breath of Life program – focuses on reducing mental and physical stress through breathing exercises, visualization, meditation, releasing stress and negative emotions. A calm and relaxed mind and body are the results.
  • Meditation and Mindfullness – teach the brain and nervous system to relax and stay that way, knowing that all is well and you are safe.