Kaiser Permanente Hospital, a large HMO and Medical Insurance Company, requires that all surgery patients participate in a program similar to The Breath of Life program that is offered at The Lasting Pain Relief Center.  Their research shows that participation in the program saves them an average of $2,700 per patient.  They are more focused on the cost savings, than the humanistic benefits of the program, which include from less prescription drugs, faster recovery times and less surgery complications.

The Breath of Life program is a multi-faceted, holistic approach to having a Successful Surgery and Recovery, Reducing Stress (the precursor to many diseases), and Managing Pain.  All types of surgery including Cancer surgeries, knee and hip replacements, Caesarean Sections, Rotator Cuff, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Mastectomy, Disc Fusions, etc. are covered with this revolutionary program that results in being prepared for surgery, fewer complications, not needing additional surgeries, reduced or eliminated pain, faster recovery time, and less need for drugs.  In addition, the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy are reduced.

 Easy to learn Mind-Body techniques and Bodywork are used to induce a calm, relaxed, and confident state.  Additional benefits of the Breath of Life program include: activates the healing process and the parasympathetic nervous system, strengthens the immune system, improves nervous system and blood quality, boosts energy and stamina, increases digestion and assimilation of food, detoxifies and releases toxins from the body, releases tension, heals tissues of the body, relieves physical and emotional pain, increases mental clarity, reduces inflammation and fluids in the body, reduces heart rate and scars, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and brings a strong sense of well being.

Whether you have a disease, are in a state stress, or have already had a surgery this program teaches you invaluable and practical life-long skills to be stress free and prevent disease and illness.