The most common reason for doctor visits in the U.S. is pain.  It is a symptom in many medical conditions, and can substantially interfere with quality of life, well being and overall function.  Pain is a messenger that warns us of danger, so that we may do something to stop damage and save our lives.  Physical pain warns of damage to the body.  Emotional and physical pain keep us safe and away from people, place and things that will hurt us.


Social rejection and emotional pain hurt in the same way that physical pain hurts. A recent scientific study proves that brains make little distinction between the pain of being criticized or rejected by people (peers, friends, lovers, bosses or family) and the physical pain resulting from injury, disease, cancer, accident, traumas, repetitive stress, repetitive positioning, or inflammation.  Additional scientific studies show that people with a deep sense of social connection (a sense of community) live longer and healthier lives than people who are lonely or socially isolated.

Emotional and physical pain are biologically experienced the same way throughout the whole brain to the neurotransmitters.  Although both types of pain are processed by the brain, the mind is what perceives the stimulus as painful.  This is why some people have a higher tolerance of pain than others.  Emotional pain can become destructive and usually manifests itself as physical pain.

Pain, no matter what its source, can be transformed and eliminated with Myofascial Release, Yoga, Sound Healing (Chakra Crystal Bowls and Gongs), and Reiki – all holistic therapies that are highly effective at alleviating pain and are offered at The Lasting Pain Relief Center.  Holistic therapies can be a viable alternative to pills, nerve blocks, surgeries, injections, TENS units, and countless time, money, and energy spent on pain management that only “manages” the pain symptoms, without correcting the pain at its source.