Think you can’t do yoga and meditation? Think again. No matter what your flexibility, stress level, or fitness level, you can do yoga, stretching and meditation at the Lasting Pain Relief Center.  Our highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers provide individual attention and modifications to fit each student’s unique needs in our small group classes or private sessions, thereby accommodating each person’s capabilities to maximize their benefit.  We have modifications for every position to allow yoga to be accessible to every body.  “My favorite example of yoga success is a man in his late 70s who had severe back and knee issues, as well as a heart condition.  He made a remarkable transformation from being almost immobile to being more flexible and able to enjoy life more fully because he moved better, had more range of motion and less pain, and improved his breathing” states Olympia Hostler, Owner and Lead Yoga Instructor at LPR. Many new yoga students like to take a couple of private classes to learn their body’s capabilities, proper alignment and gain confidence before attending a group class.


LPR is a Health and Wellness Center offering Therapeutic Yoga, Stretching, and Meditation.  We are not a typical yoga studio or gym where yoga is a fitness sport, a competition, or only for those few people who can mold their bodies into a pretzel – often resulting in injury or being demotivated and giving up after one or two classes.  Our approach is more about emphasizing each person’s capabilities and their positive  experience, in a safe, gentle and supportive environment.  Beauty queens, figure models and show offs are not attracted to our classes.  Everyday people with real bodies and physical limitations are attracted to our classes because we have the knowledge and experience to help them work with their bodies and minds, in whatever state they are in, to gain the benefits of Yoga and Meditation.  People who benefit from and enjoy our classes would not fit in at the big yoga studios nor at classes that are part of a gym membership.


Taking a Yoga and Meditation class at LPR is like being at the spa.  You are so relaxed that you feel like a wet noodle, have less or no pain, better balance and more mental clarity