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Surgery Avoidance, Preparation and Recovery Holistic Solutions

More than 53 million Americans have surgery per year. Over 50{3c5d7bedb8d9424d4863845e562599bee79a2158b23e861254be5a91361680b4} of surgery patients have inadequate pain control, even though most of them receive pain medication. The most common reason for readmission to the hospital or for admission after surgery is Pain. Studies show that people who are prepared for surgery heal faster, have less [...]

Healing C-Section Scars and their Not-So-Obvious Side Affects

One-third of women are giving birth by Cesarean Section (C-section).  Most of these women don’t realize that after the incision has healed, problems can, and often do, occur from the surgery, scar tissue, neurological disruption, and adhesions it creates.  These symptoms can be close to the incision point or in completely different parts of the [...]

How to Heal and Treat C-Section Scars Stop with the kegels

Do you have a C-section or other abdominal surgical scar? Do you also have low back, sacral, and/or hip pain? They are connected. I see these relationships every week. There's a really good chance that your scar is shutting down your core. Crunches and planks alone will not bring back the full proper function to [...]

Say Goodbye to Fibromyalgia

If you knew there was a therapy that would alleviate Fibromyalgia, would you want to know about it?  The National Institute for Health (NIH) conducted a definitive study that shows that Myofascial Release (MFR), is proven to be effective at relieving many of Fibromyalgia’s insufferable symptoms.  This life-changing therapy (the John Barnes MFR method) is [...]

Successful Stress-Free Solutions

Health-care professionals cite stress-related illness to be as high as 85{3c5d7bedb8d9424d4863845e562599bee79a2158b23e861254be5a91361680b4} of their patients and is responsible for at least two thirds of all doctor visits.  It is also the leading cause of coronary artery diseases, cancer, autimmune disorders, digestion issues, accidents, and respiratory diseases. In addition, it aggravates hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, herpes, multiple sclerosis, [...]

Lyme Disease Proven Alternative Solution

A bite from a specific type of tick carrying a specific bacteria is how Lyme disease is transmitted.  Animals that commonly carry these ticks are white-footed field mice, deer, raccoons, opossums, skunks, weasels, foxes, shrews, moles, chipmunks, squirrels, and horses.  New Jersey is one of the Eastern states where the majority of these ticks live [...]

Dramatically Improve Pain, Movement, Balance, Coordination and Performance With Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)

NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT) restores your body back to its natural state of easy and graceful movement and balance from dysfunctional movements resulting in compensations, poor (or lack of) coordination and restricted movement. It also allows you to improve your performance in sports, daily activities, and exercise.  Compensations come from three main sources: pain avoidance, as [...]

Reduce Inflammation, Pain, Cellulite and Much More with Cupping Massage Therapy

Reducing inflammation, swelling, pain, cellulite, and scars; calming of the nervous system; moving stagnant lymph and blood; hydrating and nourishing tissue; eliminating adhesions; and shifting body tissue PH are some of the powerful results yielded from Cupping Massage Therapy.  This new-to-New Jersey massage modality assists in the drainage of stagnant fluids that have been trapped [...]

Have an Enlightened Relationship with Yourself: Active Visualization With Awareness

You have the power within you to create Health, Happiness, Love, and Success in your life by healing Relationships (with yourself and others). Active Visualization With Awareness is a brand new modality that assists you to do just that. Additional benefits include healing your past, reducing Stress, Anxiety and Headaches. The bottom line is that [...]

Breast Cancer has a Proven, Alternative Treatment

Within the allopathic medical model, after a woman receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, she can expect to have a lumpectomy at best, a mastectomy at worst.  Many women who have high risk for breast cancer are opting for a double mastectomy just feel safe that they will not ever get cancer.  Along with the [...]

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