Hi, I am Olympia Hostler, the Founder and Director of The Lasting Pain Relief Center.

The body, movement, and mind therapies that we offer gave me my life back after years of constant, unrelenting pain in my back, neck, and head which was an accumulation of concussions, traumatic brain injury, repetitive stress and a life time of head/back/neck traumas. Crawling around my house was easier than walking. Sleep was almost non-existant. Migraines were constantly pounding in my head for three years. The brain fog, impaired cognitive abilities, memory loss, and inflammation on the brain were horrendous. I am a walking testimony to the effectiveness of the therapies that we offer.

Once I found solutions that worked for me, I opened the Lasting Pain Relief Center so I could help people recover from their injuries, stresses, and pain. The therapies we offer are the exact ones that helped me get my life and my freedom back!

I had tried every type of doctor and every alternative and traditional therapy that I could find – none of them worked to alleviate my pain and increase my range of motion. The MRIs, XRay, and CT scans found nothing. Doctors mistakenly told me that I was fine and that the pain was in my head. Once I found our body therapies, I could see the light to a normal life again and being able to use my body without hurting myself. Once my body started feeling better, I realized that the body therapies were not enough to fully heal. I also needed therapies to address my nervous system’s, mind’s and brain’s contributions to my symptoms to fully bring me back to my normal, happy life. What seemed like body issues were actually coming from my nervous system, mind and brain and manifesting as body issues, anxiety, depression, stress, intense bound up emotions, false beliefs, and other stressful thoughts.

I am like so many people who have unresolved, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed issues and cannot find relief in other modalities, pills, or surgeries. Their doctors tell them they are fine and it’s all in their head.

The mission of all of our therapists at The Lasting Pain Relief Center is to help people heal and get back to a pain-free, active life. Our team of highly-skilled therapists care deeply about helping you, and are extremely compassionate to you and your needs. We have a high respect for you and your needs. We are devoted to your healing. We have been in business over 15 years and many of our therapists have 20-35 years of experience helping people heal and recover from a variety of ailments.

With our team approach, we have proven success in helping clients go beyond recovering and into thriving. The therapies are all designed to get you better as soon as possible. Our goal is for you to feel better, so you do not need us.


Our Services, Therapies, and Classes are designed to compliment each other in helping you live a healthy, stress-free and pain-free life. Whether you need Body Work, Pain or Stress Relief, Movement Therapy, Mindset Makeovers, Energy Therapy, Reiki, Meditation, or Yoga – you can find exactly what you need, in just the right combination.

We discovered that a multi-disciplinary approach is needed for many people because the root cause of their symptoms is multi dimensional. Discomfort, pain, stress, dysfunction, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and immobility all stem from the body, mind, brain, and nervous system. They all work together and their primary mission is to keep you safe. Some of the symptoms like pain are meant to send you a message to not move or not use a particular part of the body so that it can heal. However, once it goes beyond acute pain and goes into chronic pain then the pain message is actually self perpetuated in the brain and no longer in the body. Work is needed to get it out of the brain and reset your nervous system. The key to complete healing is resetting the nervous system which is the master controller of the body and the mind. It controls your life style choices, diet, exercise, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. This is why so many other modalities fall short of helping – they are only addressing one part of the problem.

We have created the best-of-the-best methods for the fastest, most thorough, and longest lasting results to help you heal, stay healed and get back to all the things you love to do! The good news is you get your freedom back. The freedom to choose how you live your life, what you do, how you do it, and with who you do it. You return to your naturally happy, healthy, energetic self. You and your whole life get better!

I got my life back and you can too!

In order to provide you with the best service, and set you up for success, we offer a variety of ways to help you. We have private sessions available In our professional offices, as well as in Skype sessions so you can be in the privacy of your own home. We also have online programs and classes which you can access any time to fit your schedule and your life.

Please email or call for an appointment, and to have your questions answered.