What would it feel like have posture that supports your every move, breath and life itself?   Renew your posture with a few simple steps.

Learn how to regain natural posture, reverse compensations and posture collapses, what keeps you from having great alignment that moves with you, what went wrong to inhibit your posture and make you slump. Great posture requires hips, back, and ribs to be in a neutral alignment so that the proper muscles can help hold you in place in an upright posture, as well as, stabilize you so you can move safely, strongly, and with confidence. It also requires core stability and proper function.

Does Tech neck describe you? Too much computer or desk work? Rounding forward of the shoulders, arms, and neck sticking out is a recipe for disaster for your posture and your body’s ability to function well and be pain free and injury free.

You get to be strong and move easily, as you regain access to your hips, back, and ribs to have more power, strength, and flexibility. You will be amazed at all the body parts that are negative affected by hips, back, and ribs behaving badly. Get your body to work with you to improve how your body moves with power and grace, and holds itself up in great posture and alignment.

What could you do if your hips, back, and ribs were back to their naturally aligned and happy place? Some potential activities are improved squat, walk, run, dead lift, picking up grandchildren, standing, sports, navigating stairs, and lifting grocery bags.

Using state-of-the-art techniques you will release stuck joints, and tight or painful hip muscles and fascia (connective tissue). This gives you the gifts of movement and stability which are the very foundation for almost every movement you make.

Do you know what your hip, back, and ribs are doing or not doing? You will receive a personal assessment of your hips’, back, and ribs’ health. Once you know this, you will unlock the secret to have your body’s cooperation and reprogram how you move, erase compensation patterns, improve alignment, posture, and strength.

Open hips, back, and ribs, combined with the ability to stabilize, allows the body to balance and you to have full access to the huge power and flexibility that is available. Once openness and stability is restored, you receive improved strength and flexibility, eliminated or reduced back and knee pain. With your new found alignment you are more agile, sure footed, have better balance, and have improved circulation and coordination.

As a special bonus, opening your hips, back, and ribs also releases stress, tension, and negative emotions which are stored in the hips.


We easily identify and correct common postural problem patterns in the entire human body.  Restore posture and correct movement by eliminating compensation patterns, balance issues, breathing problems, motor control challenges, and coordination issues.  We optimize movement efficiency, realign the body’s misalignment patterns and movement dysfunctions. Part of the basis for our methodology is that humans have asymmetrical anatomy that influences how they move, stand, sit, play, walk, run and breathe.  The asymetrically caused neuromuscular patterns negatively influence our muscle function, posture, strength, health and structural alignment.   By restoring naturally correct posture, the underlying postural patterns are eliminated, as is pain and dysfunction.

Our approach identifies and corrects all of the factors that contribute to poor posture and movement patterns.  It incorporates a unique perspective of the mechanical, neurological, and visual influences on the body.  Corrective positioning techniques and breathing techniques are used to powerfully bring the restore the body’s balance.

This integrative and holistic approach incorporates specific therapeutic exercises, manual techniques, and postural recommendations.

Our Posture Restoring Movement therapies include:

  • Myofascial Release (MFR) – a state-of-the-art therapy, releases tightness and pain in and around the body part that needs or has had surgery. It also increases flexibility and range of motion. Treatments and home activity programs are available. Release trauma that is trapped in the body tissues.
  • Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) – easily identifies and corrects common postural problem patterns in the entire human body.  Restores posture and correct movement
  • VOILA – an innovative way of helping the mind/body heal itself by restoring its natural state of Harmony and functions! It taps into your body’s ability to heal, be well, and perform at it’s best. It is the master switch to create strength, health, power, ease, andefficiency of every movement, in everyday life and in sports.
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) – restores and stabilizes locomotor function by reprogramming muscles to work correctly again, as they did as a child.  It reestablishes proper function, alignment and posture by retraining the body to stabilize its core and spine.