NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT) restores your body back to its natural state of easy and graceful movement and balance from dysfunctional movements resulting in compensations, poor (or lack of) coordination and restricted movement. It also allows you to improve your performance in sports, daily activities, and exercise.  Compensations come from three main sources: pain avoidance, as a direct response to inflammation, and to assist fatigued muscles.  Signs of compensations in the body are not always obvious.  They can include lost movement (i.e. cannot bend down to pick up something from the floor), reduced range of motion (i.e. cannot raise your arm above your head), pain, inflammation, reduced coordination and balance, and scars.  Many people do not even know they are compensating – they either do not know anything is wrong, think they have to live with it, think that is just the way it is as you get older, or feel pain somewhere that may or may not be close to the compensations.

NKT corrective movement system is a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that addresses the causes of pain, weakness, and dysfunction at their root in the brain’s motor control center.  This highly-effective new technology is revolutionizing how our magnificent compensation machines that are our bodies are being restored back to normal.

NKT assesses myriad dysfunctions resulting from a variety of sources including traumatic injury, over-use, surgery, repetitive stress and positioning, intense training, inflammation, postural misalignment, and more.

With NKT, dysfunctional movement patterns (Pain, Compensations, Balance and Coordination issues) are found and eliminated, so that functional (Normal) movement is resumed.  This is accomplished in two ways: 1) by the therapist guiding and observing the client perform movement patterns using a Standard Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and other movement assessment tools, and 2) by the therapist testing a client’s muscles to identify which muscles are compensating for other muscles and which muscles are and are not receiving normal signals from the brain.  Once the compensation pattern is defined, then the Compensator muscle is gently released and the Compensatee muscle (non-working muscle) is easily retrained neurologically to work correctly throughout its range of motion.

 How do you know if you need NKT? If your body does not move the way it is supposed to or the way is used to move.  It could be in pain, tight or stiff.  You have had an accident or surgery.  You may want to improve your athletic or exercise program performance.  Many athletes and weekend warriors enjoy gaining more skill and capabilities in their sport or exercise program.  Gain strength and use the proper muscles to do so.  Perhaps you are older than you used to be, and your body does not move as easily as it did, or as much as it did.   You have a scar or multiple scars.  All types of scars cause a disruption in the neurological system – even if they are not keloid, large or numb – that are easily reversed with NKT.

 Benefits of NKT include: Lasting results; reduction or elimination of pain, tightness, and stiffness; reduced spasm; increased range of motion; improved athletic & training performance; restored movement; and improved function and energy.

What is NKT? A remarkably innovative therapy that quickly restores functional movement and removes pain; treats the cause of dysfunctional movement, not the symptoms; dysfunctional movement may or may not have associated pain. Until NKT clears the pattern there is NO lasting change. This is why traditional therapies modalities offer only temporary relief.   People are saying it is The Missing Link in their Treatment while producing fast and long-lasting results.

How NKT Works. After an injury, surgery or over time, some muscles shut down, are fatigued or become inhibited forcing other muscles to become overworked as they compensate performing a movement function that they are not intended to perform.

Compensation Leads to Dysfunctional Movement. The body has no mechanism to let go of compensation patterns.  After trauma and other events have passed, the body continues to over-use the bracing muscles forever.  Compensation patterns & inefficient movement patterns cause discomfort, pain, & more injuries.  Inhibited muscles weaken from lack of use and more compensations are created.

 Conditions Successfully Relieved by NKT

—  Back, Neck & Hip Pain

—  Headaches & Migraines

—  Shoulder Issues

—  Frozen Shoulder

—  Rotator Cuff

—  Sciatica

—  Scoliosis

—  Sports Injuries

—  Tennis & Golf Elbow

—  Dental Pain and TMJ

—  Fibromyalgia

—  Plantar Fasciitis

 —  Poor Sports & Exercise Program Performance

—  Pelvic Floor Issues

—  Restricted Motion

—  Post-Surgical Dysfunction

—  Stress and Tension

—  Spinal Cord Injuries

—  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

—  Repetitive Stress & Overuse

Injuries i.e. Carpal Tunnel,


NKT is a new massage and movement therapy modality that was developed on the West Coast and is only recently available on the East Coast.   Lasting Pain Relief Center has an extremely experienced NKT therapist who has achieved the highest level of NKT training.