Breast Cancer has a Proven, Alternative Treatment

Within the allopathic medical model, after a woman receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, she can expect to have a lumpectomy at best, a mastectomy at worst.  Many women who have high risk for breast cancer are opting for a double mastectomy just feel safe that they will not ever get cancer.  Along with the [...]

Understanding Physical & Emotional Pain and How to Relieve It

The most common reason for doctor visits in the U.S. is pain.  It is a symptom in many medical conditions, and can substantially interfere with quality of life, well being and overall function.  Pain is a messenger that warns us of danger, so that we may do something to stop damage and save our lives.  [...]

Myofascial Release: The Deepest Deep Tissue Massage Ever!

Massage Magazine reported that approximately 45,000 massage therapists and bodyworkers stop practicing each year. This is a shockingly HUGE number. A large part of this frustration is due to the “temporary benefits” of massage therapy and the loss of clients as a result.  A Myofascial Release (MFR) massage is very different than traditional massage in that [...]

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