It is our pleasure to provide you with Movement Therapies that helps you feel better and get back to your happy, active life as soon as possible. This is accomplished by retraining and reeducating movement patterns to erase compensations and improve alignment so that alignment and posture are restored to optimal levels. Techniques work to reprogram the brain’s control over the body and muscles to restore ease of movement and range of motion.

We have many highly-effective techniques and methods to help you achieve optimal health again. We have found that our Movement Retraining Therapies work extremely well when also receiving our Body and Mind Therapies.

We treat the CAUSE of symptoms, not just the symptoms! Trauma, Inflammation, Poor Posture, Repetitive Stress and Positioning, Stress (Emotional and Physical), Surgery, and Injury all cause the body and mind to become stuck, tight, painful; and move poorly. We are known for our holistic, drug-free approach and proven success.

For more details on these, and so many more conditions we treat and techniques we use, please click on their links.