You have the power within you to create Health, Happiness, Love, and Success in your life by healing Relationships (with yourself and others). Active Visualization With Awareness is a brand new modality that assists you to do just that. Additional benefits include healing your past, reducing Stress, Anxiety and Headaches. The bottom line is that you get to live the joyful life you want to live. The Lasting Pain Relief Center has one of only a few skilled practitioners in this modality and we are now offering sessions. With Active Visualization With Awareness, you lovingly and gently reconnect with your power, your internal self, to help you accomplish healings, changes and successes that often go beyond expectations. The power to create a healthier, happier life exists in everyone, including you!!! Although you may not remember, you are powerful… it is time to remember, to heal your past and to reclaim your power and step into a healthy, happy and successful future!! What does an Active Visualization With Awareness session involve? You are invited to sit or lie down in a
comfortable position with eyes closed in a relaxing and safe environment. A few deep breaths then induce relaxation. After that, the practitioner helps you tune into your body, mind and emotions and leads you into a guided interactive visualization session based on the
areas of your life that you want to improve. Sessions can occur in our office or in the privacy of your own home through Skype.


When I was a child in the 70’s, I experienced the nightmare of chronic, debilitating illness by watching my father slowly deteriorate from multiple sclerosis. My family first had hope that scientists would find a cure for it, and they gradually lost hope. With that loss of hope came anger coming from the family, detachment from my father, isolation he experienced, heartbreak his children experienced as we watched the process, depression, despondence, and a complete giving up. I lived in fear of what chronic illness was and how it could destroy my body, destroy people around me, and isolate me. I refused to make romantic commitments for fear something would happen to me and I would witness the same thing again. I once had a hot flash in my leg, and spent 2 days in bed, too afraid to move for fear it was MS. Before I learned that illness and physical dysfunction is not a curse, but rather a communication from the body that we can listen to and often change through active visualization with awareness, I lived in panic and had a bleak vision of my future. My relationship with myself was unconscious and detrimental to my health. I remember the day things changed. I was riding the subway with one affliction or another (I can’t remember what it was), believing as usual that I was going to die and my life was over, when a woman I went to school with sat down next to me. She encouraged me to stop panicking and being a victim, and to start looking at what was happening to me as a lesson. She said “This is not your curse. This is your lesson.” At that point, I felt a glimpse of reconnecting with myself and found hope. I did not know how to use visualization to communicate with my mind and body to help them heal, but it shifted the way I looked at and experienced illness forever. After that subway encounter, my path led me to different methods of being aware of, visualizing and healing my body, mind and emotions. I am grateful to Brandon Bays, Lazaris, Ti Caine and Tomma von Haeften for giving me the amazing tools I have developed so far. Since I have started this practice, I have been able to heal from depression, anxiety, back pain, digestion issues, and asthma, and in addition, it changed the energetic pathways around me and in me so that I could find healing from other extremely talented practitioners for other issues I have had. The Active Visualization practice helps with healing for the body and mind, and also changes the energy around us to attract what we desire, and to repel what is unhealthy for us. A loving and compassionate relationship with yourself is a significant result of this effective technique. Also, I stopped living in fear of chronic illness, and I have been able to support and work with many people living with this situation, assisting them to open up different opportunities and paths for dramatic healing. This personal success story is from one of the Lasting Pain Relief Center’s highly experienced practitioners. What is the name of this practice? Active Visualization With Awareness. Below are some important principles of the practice. The practice provides positive results quickly and effectively to improve the relationship with ourselves.

1) an understanding that all pain and discomfort in the body, in our emotions or in life comes down to an energetic pattern. When we tune into the pattern, there is a message for us – it can involve information on wrong turns we might have taken, and where we might adjust our path so that it can bring us true health and happiness.

2) respect for emotions as providers of information, fuel for destroying an old pathway, power to create a new one, and a way to communicate and heal relationships. It also recognizes that repressed emotions often cause illness and discomfort. When we can safely express and release them through visualization, they do not have to be downloaded onto our bodies or directed in harmful ways towards others, causing us or other people pain.

3) an understanding that through awareness and visualization, we become active players in our lives. Instead of allowing things to happen TO us and suffering as a consequence, we can see how we want to change things. When we visualize changing them, we are better able to change them in life. Our bodies also get a sense of what feelings and states of being to aim for when we visualize, and they naturally start to approach that state.

4) use of a future healed and happy self to show us the way, and communicating and helping to heal past unhealed selves that could be unwittingly controlling the pathways of our lives toward ill health or unhappiness. What does a session involve? A person sits or lies down in a comfortable position with eyes closed in a comfortable and safe environment. He/she is instructed to take a few deep breaths to induce relaxation. After that, the practitioner helps the client tune into his/her body, mind and emotions and leads the client into a guided interactive visualization session based on the issues presented by the client. Sessions can occur in our office or in the privacy of your own home.