Within the allopathic medical model, after a woman receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, she can expect to have a lumpectomy at best, a mastectomy at worst.  Many women who have high risk for breast cancer are opting for a double mastectomy just feel safe that they will not ever get cancer.  Along with the mastectomy comes a choice of reconstruction or not.   If breast reconstruction is chosen, a women has to look forward to the painful process of expanders and nipple reconstruction.  On top of it all, Chemotherapy and Radiation may also be prescribed.  It is a long, painful road filled with exponentially compounding physical and emotional traumas at each step filled with dismal treatment options typically offered by doctors which include drugs, injections, physical therapy, and when those options do not work, telling women that the have to live with the problems.  Finally, there is a viable treatment option that really works – Myofasical Release.

Myofascial Release is a proven, alternative treatment that has tremendous benefit in reducing and overcoming the numerous nasty side effects of lumpectomy, mastectomy, and reconstruction which include pain, tightness, inflammation, numbness, scars, stiffness, emotional trauma, and limited range of motion.  In addition to tightness and pressure in the chest, these side effects appear in many areas of the body that are not necessarily so obviously connected, i.e. back, neck, shoulder, arms, hands, stomach, and more.  Another priceless benefit of Myofascial Release is that it activates and accelerates the immune system, thereby helping the body heal itself.

In addition, women who receive Myofasical Release either before and/or after surgery experience fewer complications, reduced or eliminated pain, faster recovery time, fewer infections, and less dependence on drugs.  The side effects of radiation and chemotherapy are also reduced.

The Lasting Pain Relief Center has successfully treated breast cancer clients using Myofascial Release and their Breath of Life Program, thereby giving them their lives back.