PTSD Alternative Solutions That Work


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can disrupt a person’s whole life, including: job, relationships, health, happiness, and enjoyment of everyday activities.  It is triggered by a terrifying event or ordeal in which a person was harmed or threatened.  In New Jersey and New York, we have recently experienced at least two community-wide PTSD causing events: Hurricane [...]

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New Therapies


*Tuning Fork Healing – Tune up yourself to reach a deep state of relaxation, release congested areas or energy blocks in the body, and create healing and health with tuning forks that emanate pure sounds and overtones. Retune and balance your nervous system, and achieve a “meditative” state that affects bones, the mind, muscle, fascia, the nervous systems and [...]

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Myofascial Release: The Deepest Deep Tissue Massage Ever!


Massage Magazine reported that approximately 45,000 massage therapists and bodyworkers stop practicing each year. This is a shockingly HUGE number. A large part of this frustration is due to the “temporary benefits” of massage therapy and the loss of clients as a result.  A Myofascial Release (MFR) massage is very different than traditional massage in that [...]

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