Dr Oz enthusiastically endorses and uses Reiki in his medical practice to accelerate his patients’ healing. Reiki is beneficial for everyone – it helps to heal adults, children, elderly, and pets. People receive Reiki to promote overall health and well-being, as well as to heal from a variety of ailments. Reiki also assists people who are seeking relief from disease-related symptoms and the side effects of conventional medical treatments. Reiki has been used by people recovering from surgery or experiencing side effects from cancer treatments. People who have high stress levels benefit from Reiki. Reiki has also been given to people who are dying (and to their families and caregivers) to help impart a sense of peace.

Once you experience the healing and balancing effects of Reiki Energy Healing, your life is often transformed for the better – bringing more relaxation, peace, health, harmony, connection with other people, and clarity. A powerful healing technique, Reiki, rejuvenates, energizes, heals and balances us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki is for you if you would like to be deeply relaxed, feel more peace and joy, relieve stress, eliminate pain and anxiety, recover easier and faster from traumas (accidents, losses, surgeries, illness, disease, etc.), sleep better, strengthen your immune system, have more energy and emotional balance, enhance your intuition and creativity, think clearer, or stimulate personal and spiritual growth. Reiki is also safe to remedy symptoms of chronic and acute conditions, stress-related disorders, fibromyalgia, menopause, migraines, chronic fatigue, chemotherapy, arthritis, insomnia, depression, grieving and sadness, addictions, poor digestion, and many more conditions. Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy healing that balances the mind, body and spirit.  Feel like you have just returned from vacation. The word “Reiki” is derived from two Japanese words: Rei, or universal + Ki, or life energy. In Chinese it is called chi or qu. In Sanskrit it is called prana. Reiki energy is universal and exists everywhere. Ki is electromagnetic energy. Humans are electromagnetic (energetic) beings. One example of this phenomenon is that when we are struck by lightning, we conduct electricity. Reiki is a gentle healing practice that originated in Japan. In a session, a Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on or just above the person receiving the energy, with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response. Recipients experience a deep state of relaxation during a Reiki session. They might also feel warm, tingly, energized, sleepy, mental clarity, balanced & refreshed. Each recipient receives the Reiki energy and their body moves it to wherever they need it within their body. Reiki is safe and does not harm a person. A recipient will absorb only as much energy as they need. The universal energy that Reiki delivers supports the body’s innate healing abilities to heal itself. Reiki can be experienced in the many ways including

1) Private Sessions – this is a one-on-one session with the Reiki practitioner and recipient;

2) Chakra Balancing – a private session focusing on identifying blocked chakras and then releasing, clearing, and balancing all of the seven chakras (energy centers) of the body, leading to optimizing health and relaxation;

3) Combined with Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls, Gong, or Tuning Forks – within the Reiki Private Sessions, Chakra Balancing, Healing Circle, or Reiki Share, a Reiki practitioner adds the sound healing elements of Chakra Crystal Bowls, Gongs, or Tuning Forks to amplify the session’s healing effects;

4) Reiki Healing Circle – recipients receive Reiki in a group setting; and

5) Reiki Share – Reiki practitioners give and receive Reiki to other practitioners in a group setting. When selecting a Reiki practitioner, it is important to consider the training and experience level. Practitioners of Reiki are trained in Reiki at four levels: I, II, III, and Reiki Master. Each degree includes more capability and experience. The Reiki Master is the highest level of accomplishment and is the level at which a practitioner can teach other Reiki students. Very few Reiki practitioners have experience in chakra crystal bowls, gongs, or tuning forks, which are invaluable sound healing techniques that can be included in a Reiki session. People learn Reiki for many reasons. One reason is to help people heal as a profession. Other reasons include to give Reiki to themselves, loved ones, and pets. Free 15-minute Reiki sessions are offered during October at The Lasting Pain Relief Center which has several Reiki Masters who can combine the Chakra Crystal Bowls, Gongs, or Tuning Forks in a Reiki session.

To experience Reiki and it’s therapeutic effects, please call Olympia Hostler, MBA, CMT, RYT, and Owner of the Lasting Pain Relief Center is a Veteran Reiki Master Practitioner with a passion to assist clients on their healing journey by providing a safe, supportive and comforting atmosphere focusing on facilitating each person’s individual and unique healing. Phone: 917-288-7477. Myofascial Release (MFR) gave me my life back after 3 years of constant, unrelenting pain in my back, neck, and head.  I am a walking testimony to the effectiveness of MFR.  I had tried every type of doctor and every alternative and traditional therapy that I could find – none of them worked to alleviate my pain and increase my range of motion.  The MRIs, XRay, and CT scans found nothing.  Doctors mistakenly told me that I was fine and that the pain was in my head. Once I found MFR, I could see the light to a normal life again and being able to use my body without hurting myself.  I am like so many other people who have unresolved, un-diagnosed, or misdiagnosed issues and cannot find relief in other modalities, pills, or surgeries.  The mission of all of our therapists at The Lasting Pain Relief Center is to help people heal and get back to a pain-free, active life.  We are dedicated to your healing.

We have over 12 years experience using John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) to help people heal and recover from a variety of ailments.  Our team of highly skilled therapists are experts in their field and have received training directly from John Barnes.  We are able to offer a rare opportunity to clients to receive cotreatments and intense jump start treatment program because we have several highly-skilled MFR therapists who work together to help you.  In addition to Individual sessions, we offer cotreatments (two therapists working on you in one session), and intense jump start sessions (multiple sessions within a day, with multiple therapists).

The jump start program is perfect for people who want and need to make faster progress, or to get through a particularly stuck issue.  We also offer Myofascial Release Stretching classes, which are a form of self care.  They also teach you how to give yourself MFR release techniques at home. With our team approach, we have proven success in helping clients recover and thrive.  Our goal is for you to feel better, so you do not need us.

Please email or call for an appointment, and to answer questions. Please visit our website for details on our MFR capabilities and what MFR can do for you.


Our Services, Therapies, and Classes are designed to compliment each other in helping you live a healthy, stress free and pain free life. Whether you need Body Work, Pain or Stress Relief, Energy Therapy, Reiki, Meditation, or Yoga – you can find exactly what you need.