Bliss - woman jump green scarfBeing your best physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually means returning to and living in your true self – a state of inner peace, flow, and happiness. Some people call this state “Bliss”, which is our natural state of being. Imagine how terrific you feel when things go your way, you have endless energy and enthusiasm, your body moves with ease and grace, cooincidences occur frequently, you think thoughts and then manifest your desires – you can do not wrong. Living as your true self has no pain, fear, restrictions, limitations, guilt, worry, or judgement. Compassion and empathy are abundant. Stress does not impact you so detrimentally. This is how it feels to Be your Best.

In order to Be your Best, one must Release the Rest. Releasing that which no longer serves us – that which we have been holding on to – is imperative to returning to our natural self where we feel our best. A few examples of what needs to be released are anger, sadness, programming, pain, emotions, thoughts, unrealistic or outdated belief systems and ideals, grudges, grief, worry, fear, guilt, judgement, addictions, clinging, control, manipulation, competition, greed, power mongering, etc. As long as one gains something from holding onto the these things, they will continue to be held. When these things no longer serve us, then we are ready to release them. Strangely, many people are served in unexpected ways, by holding onto things. For example, someone who is angry, may be served by holding onto the anger by keeping them in that state and not allowing themselves to move forward in their lives (perhaps fear of the unknown), maybe they are not ready to face the reality of what really happened (a different version of the truth than their version), maybe they are unable or unwilling to forgive themselves and others, or perhaps, they are not ready to let go and move on, because it has become a part of their identity (who would they be without their anger?).

One needs to be ready before releasing can happen. Another person cannot force or manipulate someone into being ready. The old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink” applies to releasing.

When emotions are felt and expressed real time, we are being our true selves. Repressing emotions harm the body (by storing them in the tissues) and the Mind, as well as, adversely affect our decision-making ability and our ability to be in the present moment, and drain energy. Carolyn Myss describes our energy as being 100{3c5d7bedb8d9424d4863845e562599bee79a2158b23e861254be5a91361680b4} available to us when we wake up in the morning. Subconsciously we then give away our energy by “plugging” our circuits into our unresolved and repressed thoughts, fears, and emotions. For example, we may plug a circuit into someone who hurt us in the past, plug another into worrying about a sick family member, plug another into hating our job or boss, plug another into being dissatisfied with what we have accomplished, and plug one more into the nagging back pain. You get the idea. After plugging in each morning, we have very little energy left to function and we are tired.

Running amuck, like a drunken monkey, is what the Mind does when it is not disciplined and focused. In yoga, this phenomenon is called the Monkey Mind. Endless, repetitive chatter (like a tape that plays over and over again) occurs in the head – often negative, distracting, pointless, self-depricating and unkind thoughts. Thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become habits, which become your life. It is easier to form a new habit than to reprogram a habit. To break the habit, one needs to first be Aware of the situation. Usually, this step happens over time when a person finally realizes that they are discontent with their life, their lifestyle, body, habits, health, relationships, diet, etc. A Desire to change the situation or the self is the next step, followed by having Motivation to change. Then there is the Action phase – actually doing something and continuing to do something until reaching desired outcome. A catalyst to change can come in many forms, i.e. an accident, an injury, a death or loss, a sickness. The majority of people never make it to the first step. Even fewer make it to the second step. The attrition rate is exponential with each step thereafter. Tools and outside help are needed to change. The Lasting Pain Relief Center has the tools and support to illicit successful change at the pace an individual is ready to progress.

When we are happy and have inner peace, we are content with ourselves, we are able to show compassion and forgiveness to others. We are able to choose to respond to situations, rather than blindly and quickly reacting to situations, often doing or saying something that we regret or something that does not serve us. We attract the vibration that we are emitting. As we emit a positive, loving, and calm energy, people with those same higher vibrational aspects. As we emit anger, we will find more angry people surrounding us.

Pain can be present in the emotions, mind, body, and spirit. A study was done that shows that emotional and physical pain are felt in the same way, and are process in the same portion of the brain. Emotional pain often leads to physical pain. A multifaceted approach is need to eliminate pain.

At The Lasting Pain Relief Center, all of their offerings are specifically designed to reunite you back to your true and natural self – back to a blissful place of peace and happiness. Tool offerings cover physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Many tools encompass more than one aspect. Each healing modality tool works and lasts, and compliment each other in helping you live a pain-free and stress-free life. When used in combination, greater and faster results are achieved. Whether you need Massage, Movement Therapy, Pain or Stress Relief, Energy Balancing and Clearing, Reiki, Meditation, NeuroKinetic Therapy, Chakra Healing/Clearing/Balancing, Chakra Bowls, Joint Relief, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Stretching or Yoga – you will find exactly what you need.
They can help you identify which modalities best fit your needs. Each client is treated as the precious and unique individual that they are. Offerings are customized to an individual’s needs.