If you knew there was a holistic therapy that would transform Fibromyalgia, would you want to know about it?  We have several proven therapies to alleviate Fibromyalgia and its debilitating symptoms.


The National Institute for Health (NIH) conducted a definitive study that shows that Myofascial Release (MFR), is proven to be effective at relieving many of Fibromyalgia’s insufferable symptoms.  This life-changing therapy (the John Barnes MFR method) is now available from the Lasting Pain Relief Center.   John Barnes MFR is the Cadillac of MFR, is extremely gentle, holistic, and is a hands-on therapy that does not require drugs or prescriptions with other side effects.

Chronic affects of Fibromyalgia are so pervasive that they interfere with daily living activities and can take away the joy of life.  After just one or two treatments, most people report better sleep, less or no pain, decreased fatigue, sensitivity to light touch, and sleep disturbances.  As sleep improves and pain disappears, people regain their energy and are motivated to move again and get back to living their lives as they feel great.

MFR is widely known as the most-effective therapy for alleviating Fibromyalgia symptoms.   It works by decreasing fascial (connective tissue) restrictions (tightness) and balancing the nervous system throughout the body to re-gain optimal flexibility, improve energy levels, restore normal sleeping patterns, and resolve pain.  As the therapist’s hands are gently pressing, stretching or puling on your body for a sustained amount of time (three minutes or more) the fascia fells like butter melting.   As it releases, it elongates, and rehydrates returning it’s natural pain-free state of being soft and supple. More benefits include calming overactive nerves, clearing brain fog and flu-like aching, as well as, decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. The effects of MFR are long lasting and every session builds on the last. Many people who have received MFR say that it is the Missing Link in their treatment of Fibromyalgia.

Additional highly-effective Fibromyalgia relieving therapies we offer include:

  • Reiki – a highly-effective therapy that enhances the healing process by creating a relaxation response, moving stuck energy and toxins, and reducing anxiety, pain, nausea and fatigue. The immune system is also boosted and increases wellbeing.
  • VOILA – an innovative way of helping the mind/body heal itself by restoring its natural state of Harmony and functions! It taps into your body’s ability to heal, be well, and perform at it’s best. It is the master switch to create strength, health, power, ease, andefficiency of every movement, in everyday life and in sports.
  • Hypnosis – helps tremendously to calm the mind and the body so it can heal faster and better and maintain overall being. It helps tremendously to overcome pain and tightness in the body and mind.
  • Beyond Pain Management – delivers a life beyond pain that is more effective than pain management! This program and sessions make dramatic changes.
  • Life Coaching – you get to Breakthrough and reset in Health, Career, Relationships, and Personal or Spiritual Development. Easily Stop: Anxiety & Panic, Depression, Stress, PTSD, Addictions – Smoking, Alcohol, Drug & Gambling, Fears & Phobias, False Belief and Limiting Beliefs, Sadness, Loss & Separation, Anger, Pain, Insomnia, Toxic Mind & Thoughts, Feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed, Sabotaging Habits & Thoughts, and Obstacles that keep you from being you. Simply Start Transformations to: Lose Weight, Feel Self , Confidence, Become More Successful, Public Speaking, Improve Learning & Test Scores, Relaxation & Peace, Joy & Play, Fitness, Healthy Habits & Lifestyle, Sports Performance, Financial Wealth Building, Mind Makeover, and Abundant Health & Wellness.
  • Health Coaching – gives you a deeper understanding of how food and lifestyle choices affect your health, energy and mood. Information alone is insufficient to change. Our health and wellnesscoaches provide you with the tools, ongoing support and guidance as you make sustainable changes that improve your health and life.
  • A Breath of Life program – focuses on reducing mental and physical stress through breathing exercises, visualization, meditation, releasing stress and negative emotions. A calm and relaxed mind and body are the results.
  • Meditation and Mindfullness – teach the brain and nervous system to relax and stay that way, knowing that all is well and you are safe.